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StyleBlueprint team photo summer 2019, our digital publication, and Blueprint Marketing, together make up our company, Blueprint.Inc. We offer plans to interact with our readers on with ad packages and different sponsored content products. We offer content development, including website design and SEO services, through Blueprint Marketing.

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We love working here! Our editorial team is empowered to create relevant, informative content for our readers. Our sales and client service team markets businesses that we think our readers will love. We’re passionate about connecting women to their community. Plus, we were named one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work in 2021 by the Nashville Business Journal.

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We have dynamic intern positions available in Nashville, TN as well as in all of our SB cities (Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis and Nashville.) We hire interns in exchange for class credit and usually work with interns in three cycles: spring, summer and fall.

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