As we settle into the new year, we’re taking note of emerging trends in everything from restaurant menus to fashion to home decor. Today, it’s all about interior design. We pinpointed 10 trends that are expected to be popular in homes and businesses across the country, and we asked some of our favorite Southern interior designers to weigh in. Here are the top interior design trends you’ll want to keep an eye out for in 2023!

10 Interior Design Trends to Watch For in 2023

Art Deco Revival

Art deco, a popular design style from the 1920s and 1930s, will be showing up more often in 2023. Characterized by bold geometric shapes and bright colors, art deco can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. Look for pieces with mirrored surfaces, metallic accents, and bold patterns to incorporate this trend into your home.

masculine bathroom with black walls and vanity

“This small, windowless bathroom has a speakeasy vibe with its classic art deco pairing of black and gold,” says Beth Haley of Beth Haley Design. “The moodiness of the space is balanced with an antique gold wallpaper and deco-inspired floor tile.” Image: Allison Elefante

black tile shower with gold shower head

“Using deco-inspired tile on the floor gives a nod to the inspiring era without overwhelming the entire room,” says Beth. Image: Allison Elefante

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is all about bringing the outdoors inside. This trend involves incorporating natural elements, such as plants, into interior spaces to create a more cohesive and harmonious environment. Biophilic design can improve air quality and reduce stress, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces. We saw this trend begin to emerge in 2022, and it’s expected to stay at the forefront in 2023.

Vertical shot of light cozy boho style living room with modern beige sofa and orange pillows in relaxing area, decorated with different green plants

Last year brought an uptick in biophilic design, and it’s expected to be another big trend for 2023. Expect to see living greenery walls or interior design schemes where greenery is a key element.


Minimalism has been a popular trend for a while now, and it’s not going anywhere in 2023. Minimalism focuses on simplicity and functionality, clean lines, and an absence of clutter. This style is excellent for small spaces and can create a sense of calm and order in any room.

sitting area with dark walls and light furniture

Minimalism certainly doesn’t equate to boring. This sitting area by our latest interior designer crush, Meghan Basinger of Stevie Interiors, features clean lines, a muted color palette, and a distinct absence of trinkets and other decorative accessories. Image: Elizabeth Lauren Granger Photography

Home Offices

Remote work is here to stay, and cozy home offices have become more valued than ever. In 2023, we can expect to see a rise in optimizing our dedicated home office spaces, with a focus on creating a functional and stylish work environment. Look for pieces with built-in storage, comfortable seating, and, perhaps most importantly — plenty of natural light. “Take advantage of the natural light and the views when setting up your home office,” says Beth Haleyof Beth Haley Design. “Natural elements make for a relaxing, peaceful space that is both inviting and encourages productivity.”

office space with purple chair and built-in shelves

Natural light is key to a home office space that is both beautiful and functional. This design by Beth Haley features an ideally situated desk to make the most of the daylight. Image: Allison Elefante

desk area with green cabinets and built-in shelves

Liven up your office space with unexpected colors and patterned wallpaper, as demonstrated in this home office design (also by Beth Haley). Image: Allison Elefante

Another trend in home office spaces is designing them for purposes outside of work. “The goal is usually to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that can pull double duty as a working home office as well as a comfortable den space that will be utilized for more than just 9-5 work,” says Brad Ramsey of Brad Ramsey Interiors. “For this reason, we try to incorporate upholstery and soft materials to balance out the functional desk and work zones.”

It has also become easier to find stylish, multipurpose office furniture. “More and more of our vendors have wisely created storage units [like the one featured below from Vanguard Furniture]. The extra-long sideboard has a hidden filing system and pull-out trays for printers, shredders, and unattractive electronics to be neatly tucked away.”

white office space with accent wall

“We added a textural grasscloth to the face of this cabinet and chose brass legs to elevate the piece, so it doesn’t look like an office cabinet,” says Brad Ramsey of Brad Ramsey Interiors. “The addition of the Phillip Jeffries mural on the back wall further enhances this room and allows it to be soft and inviting.” Image: Zeke Ruelas

small table next to a couch in a home office

The neutral color choices in the room reflect the natural light and soften the space to make it even more welcoming, while a comfy sofa makes this space suitable for relaxing outside of work hours. Image: Zeke Ruelas

Mixed Materials

In 2023, we’ll see a trend toward mixing and layering different materials in interior spaces. This can include combining wood and metal or pairing stone with glass. This trend adds depth and interest and can create a more cohesive look. “I’ve always liked to mix materials. Different textures and color tones give so much depth to any space,” says designer Stephanie Wallace of Stephanie Wallace & Associates. Curating a combination of materials you love also creates a space that is unique to your home. “Using a variety of materials is an opportunity to put a personal stamp on a space,” says Stephanie.

kitchen with vintage barn board and marble countertop

This kitchen design by Stephanie Wallace features a wide variety of materials. “We mixed vintage barn board on the hood with stainless steel trim, a soapstone backsplash, a marble countertop, and lucite knobs on the ash wood cabinet doors,” says Stephanie. Image: Steven Goodman

Soft Pastels

While the days of bright, bold colors aren’t necessarily gone, this year, soft pastels are expected to be all the rage. These calming hues, from pale pink and violet to light blues and greens, can create a sense of tranquility in a room and pair well with natural materials like wood and marble. Consider the overall design if you’re looking to incorporate soft pastels into your home. “Soft pastels look best against a crisp, clean white,” says Beth Haley.

kitchen with pink femine accents

Pale pink can infuse any space with a hint of chic playfulness without being overwhelming. This kitchen design by Beth Haley is a perfect example! Image: Allison Elefante

kitchen with blue cabinetry

This natural light-flooded kitchen, also designed by Beth Haley, is made even more tranquil and welcoming with a combination of pale blue cabinetry and white tile and countertops. Natural wood accents add a touch of warmth to the space. Image: Allison Elefante

Curves and Organic Shapes

Straight lines and sharp angles are out, and curves and organic shapes are in. This trend is all about creating a softer, more organic look in interior spaces. Look for pieces with rounded edges, undulating lines, and natural forms to infuse this trend into your home. If you’re doing a remodel, consider exploring arched doorways and shelving. If you’re simply looking to refresh your space, consider incorporating other elements with rounded edges — furniture pieces, tiling, area rugs, and even wall decor like mirrors and paintings.

pink kitchen and dining area

A more comprehensive view of the pastel pink Beth Haley design reveals another trending design element. “Curves were repeated in this open space in the tile on the island, the light fixtures, the seating, and even the pill-shaped cutouts in the dining room storage cabinets, giving the space a feminine and playful sophistication,” says Beth. Image: Allison Elefante

Cozy Beige Bathroom with a Sink and Wooden Furniture. 3D Render

This bathroom has an air of coziness thanks to rounded lighting fixtures, sinks, mirrors, and an earthy color palette.

Natural Stone

Natural stone materials, such as marble and granite, will continue to be a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and backsplashes this year. These materials add a touch of luxury and durability and come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit any style.

If you’ve been hesitant to lean on these materials in the past, you may have been overly cautious. “Many of my clients come to me concerned about using marble in their projects as they’re aware of its porousness and etching risks,” says Kate Figler of Kate Figler Interiors. “However, once we begin the process of slab selection, inevitably, they discover that nothing compares to the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone. With proper sealing and maintenance, these surfaces are not as scary as they seem. Running slabs up a kitchen backsplash can even be considered practical as this application eliminates the need for cleaning grout lines.”

white kitchen with marble countertops

This kitchen design by Kate Figler Interiors features Vermont Danby marble on the counters and backsplash. Image: Allison Elefante

white bathroom with stone flooring

This tranquil bathroom design from Kate Figler features Carrara marble countertops. The tiling in the shower and on the bathroom floor is a mix of Bianco Gioia marble and Bardiglio marble. Image: Ross Group Creative

Textured Fabrics

In 2023, we’ll see a trend toward textured fabrics in upholstery, bedding, and window treatments. Look for textiles with interesting textures, such as bouclé, chenille, velvet, and corduroy, to add depth and interest to a room. Consider incorporating multiple textured fabrics into a single space for an added level of decadence.

bed with leather headboard

The bedroom in this Ralph Lauren-inspired home by interior designer Marcelle Gilbeau is a great example of how layering textured fabrics can create a sense of cozy elegance. Image: Gieves Anderson

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability has become a hot topic in recent years, and it’s no surprise that it’s making its way into the world of interior design. In 2023, we can expect to see a rise in the use of natural, eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, cork, and recycled wood. These materials not only look beautiful, but they also have a lower environmental impact than traditional materials like plastic and synthetic wood.

Selective focus on home decor. Comfortable bedroom in bohemian interior style with textile sheet on bed, wooden bench seat, bamboo dressing screen, dry plants in vase, wicker basket

Sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials like plastic and synthetic wood are expected to make a big showing in 2023. Think bamboo, cork, and recycled wood.


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