If there’s a metal that feels tailor-made for fall, it’s copper. It brings out autumn hues like burnt umber and goldenrod, and it offers a stunning patina that lends warmth to any space — whether through pendant lighting, mosaic tile, or appliance embellishments.

Calling copper a “new” trend may be a bit of a stretch. The oldest metal in human history (it was used over 10,000 years ago!), copper was the sole metal known to man for nearly 5,000 years until gold and silver came along, so it has seen its fair share of use over the years. Nevertheless, it’s currently under a spotlight, popping up in both interior and exterior design schemes across the South. Here are a few key ways to incorporate this beautiful, cozy finish into your own home.

Appliances and Accessories

It’s no secret that copper is a favorite kitchen accessory. A longstanding cookware staple, you can find everything from copper mixing bowls and colanders to serving trays and sautée pans. A supremely effective heat conductor (and naturally antimicrobial), it’s more than just a pretty accessory! But it’s also true that some designers use copper solely for aesthetic purposes, and it’s easy to see why.

With its distinctive hue, it’s both a standout feature and a material that blends well with various wood grains and other popular metals such as brass. “Many of our clients are gravitating towards nostalgic items — items with a patina and age, seemingly with a story to tell,” offers Nashville interior designer Beth Haley. “Mixing eclectic and collected, old and new, vintage and modern gives a home depth and a history. It is definitely a trend that [we] are embracing and enjoying!”

Kitchen from Beth Haley Design, featuring copper accents.

A smattering of hanging copper pots and pans offset this cozy kitchen from Nashville-based Beth Haley Design. Image: Allison Elefante

A vintage hammered copper vase from Gas Lamp Too.

This pretty piece from GasLamp Too is a perfect example of how beautifully metals can merge to create eye-catching decor. Image: GasLamp Too

A copper living room wall in Kent, England

This vibrant copper wall brings a touch of artistry to this contemporary living room. Image: Haus of D & I/Instagram

Functional Design Elements

Copper’s use extends far beyond cookware and baking supplies. In fact, one of the most exceptional aspects of copper is its versatility — particularly when it comes to aesthetics. Whether you’re going for contemporary chic or rustic farmhouse flair, it’s the ideal accompaniment. “Copper is a really colorful metal and can make an interesting statement in a colorful tableau,” says Nashville-based interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau. From simple details to statement features such as range hoods and kitchen islands, the copper trend is alive and well. We’ve even spotted a few copper clawfoot tubs!

Copper backsplash with copper sink and pipes from Beth Haley Design.

Even exposed copper pipes are trending! This stunning design from Beth Haley offers several textured copper components that merge to create a dreamy setup. Image: Reed Brown Photography

Custom copper vent hood by Marcelle Guilbeau

“This is a fun copper hood we just had custom designed for some clients,” says interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau. “You will notice that it is casually mixed with stainless steel appliances. It is quite alright to mix metals these days; in this case, the stainless blends into the background, allowing the copper hood to pop.” Image: Marcelle Guilbeau

The interior of a cozy renovated bus with a copper sink.

Even skoolies (renovated school buses) are jumping on the copper trend. This cozy kitchen from @thisisbus, which includes a hammered copper basin, proves that copper can add warmth to any space — no matter the size. Image: Amanda Speraw

Eye-catching Light Fixtures

The perfect lighting can make or break a room, so it’s not surprising that copper is making an appearance in fixtures everywhere, adding an extra dose of warmth to a room’s aesthetic. “In recent years, there has been a general trend towards warm, earthy, and natural elements in the home, including a shift from cool nickel hardware to warm copper and brass colors,” says Beth Haley. Whether flanking a front entryway or suspended over a dining room table, copper fixtures are more popular than ever.


Two copper lighting fixtures from Ironware International

“This creation was designed by Ironware’s Karin Eaton. As seen here in Traditional Brown with Copper Metal Leaf accents,” says Sabra Love, General Manager of Ironware International, of the Eva Pendant on the left. The Blake Pendant, on the right, can be made in most of Ironware’s finishes, but it is undoubtedly handsome in Antique Bronze with copper leaf accents! Image: Ironware International

Line-up of copper lanterns on a brick wall.

These handcrafted copper lanterns from New Orleans-based company Bevolo are highly sought-after for porches and patios across the South. Image: Emily Green Photo

Exterior Embellishments

While copper may be more prevalent in interior design, the long-lasting metal is equally beneficial for home exteriors — often surfacing as a corrugated copper roof or decorative dormer. “It’s definitely the style; people love that look,” says Castle Homes owner and architect Alan Looney. “Sometimes we do an alternative product that looks like an aged copper or bronzed look, but when it turns, it looks almost black; it’s very dark. So, we’re using copper more and more. People are willing to spend the money for it — especially when you’re talking about a higher-end home. It ages well and looks authentic.”

A pool house in Atlanta with a copper roof

Set back against the abundant foliage, this copper guesthouse roof in Atlanta, GA, is a showstopper. Image: Jeff Herr Photography

A Castle Homes build with copper window awnings.

Copper accents help make this gorgeous home from Castle Homes even more of a standout. Image: Reed Brown Photography

Copper flashing and gutters at a home by Castle Homes.

Copper’s long lifespan makes it the ideal choice for exterior features such as flashing and gutters — as evidenced by this build from Castle Homes. Image: Reed Brown Photography


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