We’ve all found ourselves in less-than-ideal lodging situations and missing the comforts of home even in the most luxurious of hotels. If you spend a lot of time traveling, particularly if you travel for work, the constant in and out of hotels can really wear you down. Check out these six simple ways to streamline your travel prep, and help life on the road feel a little more like home!

6 Hacks to Make Hotels Feel Like Home

Travel with a candle.

Did you know you can bring candles through the airport TSA check? Even if you aren’t a fan of checking a bag, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your favorite scents from home. If you have a go-to scent that you like, bring it with you! There’s nothing like a familiar scent to make a hotel room feel less cold and sterile. Pro tip: Most candles come in travel sizes, so you can order a smaller version that won’t bulk up your carry-on if you plan ahead!

'Volcano' scented Capri Blue candle

We love the ‘Volcano’ scent from Capri Blue — and it comes in a convenient travel size tin, complete with a lid! Image: Amazon

Invest in an Amazon Fire Stick.

If you have an extended hotel stay and want to unwind after a long day, hotel TV options can sometimes be a letdown. If you’re toting a Fire Stick, all you have to do is pop the USB in the back of the TV, and you’ll be able to access all of your accounts! “Bringing my fire stick from home makes a huge difference for me — especially because the recordings I have saved on it are local. It gives me access to snippets of local news and TV, which helps me feel more connected to what’s going on at home when I’ve been on the road for weeks at a time,” says Emily West, a music industry veteran in touring production.

Amazon Fire Stick, a hotel hack

Wind down with the comfort of your favorite shows by using an Amazon Fire Stick. Image: Amazon

Bring a charging cube.

Some hotels have USB ports on the nightstands or nightstand lamps, but many don’t. Finding an outlet to charge your phone or laptop can often be frustrating, especially when you locate the outlet in an inconvenient spot where your cord can’t reach. We recommend this option from Anker, which offers the luxury of multiple outlet sides and two USB ports. As a bonus, Anker also offers a lightning charge if you’re short on time.

Anker power cube

You’ll never have to worry about a low battery when you travel with this Anker power strip. Image: Amazon

Find a linen spray you love.

As with candles, many people have a favorite linen scent. Most of your favorite brands likely offer travel-size sprays that come in carry-on friendly three-ounce bottles, which saves space and eliminates the need for a checked bag. Spritzing your hotel linens with your favorite scent offers a calming and familiar scent, encouraging a better night’s sleep. And who doesn’t want to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day? A travel-size bottle of anti-wrinkle spray can also help cut down on morning prep time, ridding your clothes of those pesky suitcase-induced wrinkles.

Bottle of deep sleep pillow spray, a hotel hack

We love this deep sleep pillow spray — you can’t beat the lavender and chamomile scent. Image: Amazon

Invest in your favorite hotel brand.

There are so many different hotel chains to choose from, but investing in one and building points with that brand comes with significant perks such as room upgrades and complimentary bottles of water (which can be a godsend, given in-room refreshment prices). Like building airline miles, many credit cards tie into various hotel brands, and purchases can help you accrue points. There’s nothing quite like a last-minute room upgrade to make your stay more comfortable!

Hotel room overlooking ocean at Seattle Marriott hotel

Like this Marriott BonVoy in Seattle, many hotel chains offer beautiful rooms with outstanding points systems. Image: Marriott

Don’t forget about your favorite delivery apps!

Did you know that your favorite apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats really will deliver anywhere? When room service options aren’t doing it for you, and you don’t feel like venturing out after a long day of work or travel, be sure to check out the local food scene through your delivery apps. Order local fare to be dropped off at the hotel’s front desk  — and if you’re really lucky, sometimes the driver will bring it right to your room. Pro tip: Travel with camping silverware, as many restaurants are trying to cut down on one-time-use plastics and may not include utensils with your order.

Woman ordering Uber Eats on her iPhone

Pizza? Sushi? Pad Thai? It’s Uber Eats to the rescue, no matter your craving.

Whether traveling for work or leisure, we hope these hacks elevate your next hotel experience. Happy travels!


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