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If you think professional interior design services are out of your reach (or beyond your preferred timeline), we’ve got great news. The Owl’s Nest program at Murphy Maude Interiors gives customers access to exclusive in-stock furniture, lower minimum spending, per-room pricing, one-on-one access to designers, faster delivery, and more. Essentially, this program works with your lifestyle and budget to make fabulous interior design totally doable. We sat down with Leslie Murphy, owner of Murphy Maude Interiors, to learn more about this new program!

Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors rolling up blueprints.

Leslie Murphy, the owner of Murphy Maude Interiors, tells us all about the firm’s new furniture-focused design program.

The idea for the Owl’s Nest came about after COVID, as the pandemic led to significant changes in supply chains and lead times. To eliminate these issues and reimagine how Murphy Maude Interiors was doing business, Leslie set out to find a way to create cohesive, beautiful spaces without the headaches often associated with creating custom designs.

As a furniture-focused program, the Owl’s Nest offers procured furniture, art, and lighting, in addition to spatial planning and color selections. “The Owl’s Nest is very focused on furnishings and decor,” adds Leslie. “We work room by room, so there’s a design fee per room, but the entire fee can be applied to our Owl’s Nest products. We work really hard to maximize your dollar.”

Dining room with large wood table and patterned ceiling.

The Owl’s Nest offers access to Murphy Maude Interiors’ design team and trade-only furnishings and decor. “This is a higher-touch program where we’re talking with people about their desires and inspiration,” explains Leslie. “It’s a bit more luxury-focused.”

One of the ways Owl’s Nest can stretch your budget and reduce lead time is by doing the entire program online and only using a small group of trusted vendors. This lessens the number of design services required for your project. When selecting vendors, Leslie adds that they only use companies that understand the Owl’s Nest aesthetic, can answer questions and be readily available, and can ship items within a few weeks. She adds that they never use vendors with more than an eight-week lead time.

Dining room with a circle table and white couch for sitting.

The Owl’s Nest design process is relatively simple and can typically be completed in six to eight weeks. Once enrolled in the program, a designer meets with you for a kickoff meeting to discuss your design goals.

Living room designed by Murphy Maude Interiors, complete with white couches and beamed ceilings, overlooking a nearby lake.

Leslie’s favorite project to date using the Owl’s Nest program was the Vesta Home Show (pictured). “We were able to use all of the Owl’s Nest’s guiding tenants and product lines,” she tells us. “We could do whatever we wanted, and it really shows what’s possible through this program.”

Next, a custom design is created using Owl’s Nest products, complete with pricing for each item. From there, clients consider their options, provide input to their designer, and are allotted two rounds of revisions.

“Once you’re a member of the program, you get a password, and you can shop all the Owl’s Nest inventory and any of the curated favorites that we’re loving at the moment,” adds Leslie. “You can say, ‘I really love this’ or ‘I really love that’ and have some input, because DIY is a big part of this. Many people want to use a program where they feel like they’ve got the ability to shop, and we provide that through the Owl’s Nest website.”

Home office with dark wood desk and blue paneled wall.

After you become a member of the Owl’s Nest program, you provide measurements for your space using an easy-to-use app (or existing architectural plans, if you have them). From there, your designer will draw a plan where your furniture fits perfectly into your space.

The final part of the process is the installation, which is the most significant do-it-yourself piece of the program. However, your designer provides step-by-step instructions on designing the space and where to put specific items. “We provide a detailed installation map that shows how far from the wall your rug is and where a bench sits compared to your bed,” explains Leslie. “People can either do it themselves or hire an installation service we recommend.”

This part of the process is also unique because all your items are delivered simultaneously. Leslie says this creates a big “wow moment” for her clients, as they see major change all at once rather than a gradual change over time.

All-white living room designed by Murphy Maude Interiors with a fireplace and TV.

When it comes time to install your items, you receive a detailed map that includes where to purchase hardware and how to have your items installed.

In addition to a room with new furnishings and decor, the Owl’s Nest program members also receive extended access to shop. Once you’ve designed a room with Owl’s Nest, you have open access to its online store forever, including exclusive items unavailable on the retail market. Leslie adds that Owl’s Nest members also obtain access to Murphy Maude Interiors’ custom product line, Mabel, which offers original art, wall coverings, and bedding.

Leslie tells us that the Owl’s Nest program is a great option for working professionals who don’t have time to deal with furnishings or decor being delivered in the middle of the day. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a higher-end design experience but may be on a budget. It’s also a great option for second homes or rental properties, as it’s a quick and easy process that looks beautiful and doesn’t break the bank.

Four-post bed looking into ensuite bathroom.

“The Owl’s Nest program is for anyone who doesn’t mind doing a little work themselves and wants to stretch their budget,” says Leslie.

Pricing for the Owl’s Nest program ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per room, with a refundable design fee that includes purchases of Owl’s Nest products. The program’s showroom and Murphy Maude Interiors are both located at 94 Cumberland St., Memphis, TN 38112. To learn more, call (901) 471-1633 or visit

This article is sponsored by Murphy Maude Interiors. All photography provided.

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