"Clearly you have a passion for the music and are a talented guitarist and composer."  

Andy Summers (The Police)  

Solo Artists Don't Live, Work And Play On An Island! 

Hello Folks; I hope everyone is well today!

This is my VERY FIRST blog post on my new website and so please forgive me if it looks/feels a little jumbled!

My hope here was to take a moment out of my fairly frenetic, constantly interrupted (more on that topic later!): freelance musician, home-schooling parent, lifestyle and talk a bit about the importance of being part of a team. Even though i'm more of a Spider-Man kind-of-guy (I like my super heroes super-natural!), I was thoroughly inspired after watching the new Bat Man Lego movie with my wife and kid's last night and its message ties in nicely with what i'm about to share here...

As a composer & classical guitarist there is a fair bit of work to be done, alone. But the fact of the matter is, none of this work would get done if I did not have a team that was helping me and who, incidentally, I help out as well! That team, in my case is, my wife Catherine and my three kids: Eden, Gabriel and Jericho. An example you say? Today, I needed to get some press kit photos done for promo. and marketing and so Eden helped by doing make-up and photography and Gabriel kicked in with some deft hairstyling and props and boom, in under an hour we had some very nice quality shots (see attached!) I can use for getting gigs!

There is an 'I' in guitarist but there is no 'I' as the cliché goes, in team...

I hope this is encouraging, inspiring and a little fun - it was to put together!

Late Summery Regards,



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 The beauty of the guitar resides in its soft and persuasive voice,

its poetry cannot be equalled by any other instrument.

Andres Segovia



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