Our Story

Tod Paul Dorozio is a Canadian composer and classical guitarist currently based in Willowdale, Ontario and hailing from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Tod's  music, in particular his guitar music, is a highly effective melding of two seemingly disparate worlds: progressive pop. and classical music - or as Tod is apt to say: " I'm attempting to combine the heart of pop music with the intellect of classical..."  Currently, Tod is preparing to record his debut solo guitar c.d.; after which he will commence a third Canadian tour.  If you haven't heard Tod's music, you will be in for a pleasant surprise: he rarely references classical music(s) of the past and stays far away from academic trappings; instead it is organic, life-rich and laden with emotion! To sum it up, one of Tod's favourite guitarists while growing up, Andy Summers (the iconic guitarist of The Police),  told Tod, after hearing one of his guitar pieces, "...clearly, you are a very talented guitarist and composer!"

Tod began his life in music on the drum kit at the tender age of 6! After busting through his first set of drum skins, (perhaps a foreshadowing of things to come!) he eventually (in his teens and early twenties) starting playing in and forming bands (ie. Pig Iron, The Jaunting Car, Crawl and Trust Us). From there, Tod began a solo project (Prof. Zio) that featured guitar delay programs (solo electric guitar with delay; featuring large tapestries of sound and improvised solos) and a series of improvisation-based recordings that employed conventional as well as non-conventional instrument sources (metal percussion, environmental sound bytes, drills, scissors, cutlery and the like!) By the time he formed Zio (a new music ensemble featuring violins, cello, guitar, voice and percussion) in the mid 1990's, his penchant for the eclectic, both in terms of sound and in composition was in full swing! Zio multi-media shows were a 'thing to behold'; implementing wild contemporary dance choreography, bold street graffiti art (slide shows) and 'story-telling' destruction of audio equipment - all part of the Zio live experience!  In short, Zio was an ensemble for the maverick musician, for the anarchist artist and even, as Tod would discover a few years later while attending music school, for the highly educated musician/professor! Yes, while studying music at Vancouver Community College and immediately after performing in a 'Perf. Tech.' class, Tod's Zio ensemble received the following citation from the above mentioned musician/professor, Jerry Domer: "that was the best performance I have ever heard/seen in all of my years teaching here! 

Shortly after graduating from V.C.C. (1999) with a Composition major and a Guitar minor, Tod's world was turned upside down!  He moved away from his home of 30 years (Vancouver) across the country to Toronto, fell in love and got married and within a few short years was helping his wife Catherine raise their three beautiful children: Eden, Gabriel and Jericho! This was not the plan while in school but as the old and apt saying goes: "life's what happens while you're busy making other plans!"  After getting 8 solo guitar pieces published (2009 - 2012) by Les Productions d'Oz, recording a solo instruments archival c.d., 'An Uncultured Pearl' (2011) and completing two Canadian tours (western Canada - 2011 and northern Ontario - 2012), Tod decided it was time to 'take a time-out', record a few (hundred!) Yt videos and reflect upon the future!  So, what is next? An amazing solo guitar c.d. featuring Tod's very best original compositions AND a small selection of both his all-time favourite classical pieces and one very special arrangement of the wonderfully enigmatic gem of a tune, 'Pink Panther! What else does Tod have 'coming down the pipe'? This may seem a bit of a surprise... but for approx. the past 5 years, Tod's been scribbling together a screenplay for a feature length film which will be about the wildly unpredictable life and times of a composer/guitarist and his pursuit of virtuosity! So, if you like what you are hearing and would like to get involved and/or get your hands on 'the music', why not drop Tod a line, he'd love to hear from you!